Vincent Piazza as Tommy DeVito

Reblog - 357 Notes

Incoherent trailer thoughts.

John Lloyd Young by far the best choice as we discovered the other day. He manages to look both young and old and manages to age.

Bob’s beard. I know it is accurate but LOL!

Renee Marino is amazing and will be amazing and is perfect.

I’m surprised the band narration is there in a way. I thought they’d come up with a way round it but it doesn’t look too bad.

Walken is amazing and should be Gyp always!

I’m not used to Norm being that old. We’ve had some really young looking ones. Tommy on the other hand looks super young!

Already the church scene is one of my favourites. 

Gaudio coming out of the bedroom is the cutest!

Crewe didn’t turn out to be as cute as first googled.

But most importantly: Yes they have rewritten lines. GET OVER IT! It isn’t the musical people!